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What is it really like to have two younger sisters both very talented artists?

Yes, you could say they sent me dotty! But I am told I was already drawing people when I was one and half.
I suppose it was my sisters who were copying me that stimulated and pushed me forward.
Dinosaurs were my childhood speciality, you name it I could draw them! Fossils and detailed drawing I loved.
Judge Dread cartoon characters, animation, fine detailed patterns and pointillism.
Some of these detailed drawings I have spent 100 hours creating.
I studied graphic art at college have been in constant demand for projects for exhibition and design, for the creation of children`s cartoon characters and portraits and lecturing on the skill of pointillism.

I am in a position to undertake commissions.

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The following drawings have been created by Mark using Pointillism
PortraitDavid Bowie
(also known as divisionism) is a technique for producing graphics from dots.

It is classified as a Post-Impressionist (or Neo-Impressionist) school of drawing.

It is the product of the Societé des Artistes Independants in1884.

Artists using Pointillism as a style for their art work are:

David BowieDavid Bowie
Georges Seurat (1859-1891)
"A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte''

Paul Signac
"Sailing-boats in the Harbour at St. Tropez''

Henry Edmond Cross
Albert Dubois-Pillet
Maximilien Luce
Theo Van Rysselberghe

Camile Pissaro.

Fantasy Graphic (Not using Pointilism)

A fantasy picture
(Not using Pointillism)

George Harrison

The basic foundation for Pointillism, "simple dots'', are used to portray complex subject matter.

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